White Epic
White Epic (백서사시, Baeg Seosasi) is a Korean webtoon series written by Nilil and illustrated by GMAN. Beginning from mid-November 2015, the series is being published every Saturday on Korean webtoon hosting site Lezhin.

The story follows the adventures of Hong Kil Dong and Baek So Juh, the latter of whom is chronicling the former's journey.

A long time ago, a hero gathered other heroes and saved the day. There was a prophet who claimed there would be peace for a while - but, then it would get much worse. There would be a Hero and a Villain. Fast forward 500 years later, where we meet a very talented young travelling warrior-looking monk. He is tracking down man eaters for a specific purpose, wielding powerful Taoist Magic.

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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Nilil's series White Ascetic (백도사, Baeg Dosa) is the prequel to White Epic.