Hwa Kwak Myo (34 years)

One of the World Trees, "Hwa Kwak Myo"

The World Trees are incredibly large mystical trees that populate the White Epic setting.

It is said that the World Trees of this land are not of this world, but actually from the next, and were brought over as seeds and grown by the great hero.[1] There are a total of nineteen World Trees on this land and the most mystical one, Eun Gabi, is located in the West. Eun Gabi is where the great hero, Sol Ban Lee, was first blessed with his divine power making it a renowned location for everyone.[1]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The cursed King of the Canines, once tried to swallow Eun Gabi after lifting it by its roots.[1] It's unknown what happened to the King afterwards.


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